MJO Pattern Favors Cold Temperatures in East

The latest forecast for the MaddenJulian oscillation (MJO) takes us into phase 8 which favors colder temperatures in the Eastern United states from now through the end of January.  That does not mean there won’t be a few mild periods but overall, temperatures we had in December (MJO phase 4, 5 & 6) will be  distant memory.



In the near term I am hopeful that some of us will see some scattered snow showers or flurries on Tuesday evening as the real arctic air beings to move into the region.

As far as the MLK weekend:  The ensemble forecast models continue to show uncertainty as to the eventual evolution of how the pieces of energy interact (if at all) along the East coast. Uncertainty this far out shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone as the pieces of energy haven’t even entered the United States mainland. Will be watching it and of course will send updates as things become clearer.