Models Trending Colder Today: Nasty PM Rush Hour N&W of DC; Updated Snow Map through 5 PM Today

The forecast models are trending a bit faster with the change over to snow and sleet this afternoon across the interstate 95 corridor Don’t be surprised to see Winter Weather Advisories extended south and east to cover more of the immediate Metropolitan Area for the afternoon hours given the 1″ at rush hour rule

Updated Snow Map for Accumulations of Snow and Sleet through 5PM today:

While the main roadways will likely be wet, your secondary neighborhood streets may begin to become slush covered as the sun begins to lower in the atmosphere as we approach the beginning of the afternoon commute.  Today is one of those days where if too many people try to leave DC at once, we are looking at an exceptionally nasty rush hour.

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High-Impact Winter Storm will bring Heavy, Wet, Snow Tuesday Night through Wednesday

What a fantastic way to begin Spring here in Washington! All the Snow-Deprived people of the National Capital Region (myself included) will finally get to use their snow shovels and plow operators will finally make some money across our entire region during the overnight hours on Tuesday through Wednesday evening.

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Watching Two Separate Storms Overnight Monday through Wednesday

A mix of rain and snow will develop across the Washington Region overnight on Monday with accumulations likely north and west of Washington.  How much  snow accumulates on area roadways will depend upon precipitation rates during the day on Tuesday.

Latest European Forecast model for Tuesday at 8 AM:

(snow shown in light blue with heavier snow in darker purples; rain or snow mix in pink, rain in green)

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