What Happened to Summer 2009?

The Year Without Summer in The Northeast
The Year Without Summer in The Northeast
  • According to the National Weather Service, New York City just had their coldest June since 1958.
  • The Northeast has yet to experience typical summer temperatures and Memorial Day and the 4th of July are already behind us.
  • What is going on?  A dominant ridge of high pressure has been in control over much of the Pacific Ocean.
  • This Pacific blocking has forced the jet stream northward into Alaska and then southward over the eastern side of the Rockies resulting in persistent northwesterly flow out of Canada over the Mid-West, Mid-Atlantic and New England states.
  • In the Atlantic Ocean this summer, the subtropical ridge has been suppressed fairly far to the south and east for this time of year.   This area of high pressure usually pumps heat and humidity northward out of the Gulf States.  So far this summer this ridge of high pressure has not had a typical influence on the weather between Northern Virginia and Maine.
  • This could very well turn out to be “The Year Without Summer” in the Northeast states (Mid-Atlantic and New England) if this pattern does not break down before Autumn.