Timing the Impressive Snowfall Rates Thursday Morning

The latest high-resolution rapid refresh (HRRR) model (courtesy WxBell) shows very heavy snowfall rates of one to two inches per hour (dark blue colors in image below) developing across the Washington Region between 3 and 5 AM.

Note the very heavy sleet (orange) and freezing rain (pink) also showing up just south of the Capital Beltway around 10:00 on Thursday morning when the snow party should begin shutting down in the DC metro (points south and east) and the wintry mix of sleet and freezing rain begins in earnest.

Thump of Heavy Snow Accumulations Prior to Wintry Mix

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Travel Nearly Impossible Thursday as High-Impact Winter Storm Blasts DC Area

Latest Snow and Sleet Accumulation Potential Map

This will be a high-impact winter storm with a crippling sleet and/or freezing rain event along and east of Interstate 95.  For those of you in the 6 to 10″ area of my map below — this is mainly a snow event .  Elsewhere, precipitation will begin as a period of accumulating snow before changing to sleet  and/or freezing rain.

The million dollar question remains whether we see mostly sleet (ice pellets) or freezing rain (liquid that falls and freezes on everything).

Ice Accumulations from Freezing Rain could be Crippling along Interstate 95

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