A Bust for DC, However There’s Reason for Hope Next Weekend

Pissed that you didn’t get your 5 to 8″ in DC? Take a number, get in line, call your local Congressional representative. Forecast models are not perfect nor are meteorologists who pour over the tea leaves wanting to pull their hair out trying to make a forecast.

The high resolution North American model (NAM) below depicts snow showers redeveloping tomorrow afternoon across the Baltimore and Washington Metro Areas where a coating to 2″ of additional accumulation is possible.

February is traditionally our snowiest month of the winter and the pattern is looking wild next weekend as a ridge is forecast to build across the western United States while a  trough builds across the eastern half of the nation with arctic air intruding from Canada.

What a perfect setup in the image below for those of us who like snow storms. You want a ridge building along the west coast and over Greenland/Newfoundland with a deep trough (blue colors) deepening across the eastern United States.

The blocking (red colors/ridges) is almost in the shape of a horse shoe surrounding the trough and is indicative of the pattern becoming increasingly amplified and blocked up. Now all we need is a storm system to form in the base of the trough along the gulf coast to move up the coast. Fingers Crossed.