Get Ready Bos-Wash: Strong Late-Season Nor’easter will bring Heavy Rain & Snow to the Northeast!

The fifty-five million residents of the Northeast Megalopolis extending from Boston’s northern suburbs southwestward to Washington’s northern Virginia suburbs (also sometimes referred to as “Bos-Wash“) may be once again cursing Punxsutawney Phil who predicted an early start to Spring.  A strong, late-season Nor’easter will hammer portions of the Northeast with heavy rain, heavy snow, high winds and much colder temperatures in its wake beginning on Thursday and potentially not wrapping up until late week across coastal northern New England. In fact, this may be one of two systems to watch with the second storm  potentially impacting the Washington Region 9-11 days from now.

The first image (courtesy WxBell) shows a coastal storm rapidly developing near Cape Hatteras on Thursday:

Nor’easter will rapidly strengthen as is it phases with a sharp trough of low pressure (dip in the jet stream) over eastern Canada. This system may “bomb out” as it rapidly deepens and stalls near Halifax/Nova Scotia Friday night through Saturday:

The image below (courtesy weathermodels) shows the Nor’easter developing near Cape Hatteras before tracking northeast towards Nova Scotia.

Closer view of the Northeast:

European Ensembles (images below) showing 50 potential snowfall accumulation outcomes through this upcoming weekend.  These maps will definitely change as the exact track, speed and how quickly this storm system deepens become more clear in time (this storm hasn’t even formed yet).

Right now I am expecting a rain event in Washington, however some wet snow is not out of the realm of possibility across the Potomac Highlands if this storm system develops more rapidly (TBD).

Temperatures behind this system will kill your “early spring” plans to plant any sensitive flowers; I highly recommend hold off on planting anything ‘sensitive’ until mid April!

Temperature Anomalies (departure from average) Friday afternoon through Sunday morning: