Timing Today’s Snow Thump

Heaviest snow in the District will arrive between 2 and 5pm, a bit earlier west of town and a bit later east of town. Rush hour combined with heavy snow and falling temperatures do not equal happy people, so do not focus on the “tea leaves” which i am about to show those of you who want more of an update than I expect between “1 to 3″ of snow” so “get the hell out of work before we sit in a ‘commute-ageddon'”.

Future Radar Simulation:

Future Radar Simulation (Closer look at D.C. Metro Area)

Latest Models and Snowfall Potential:

High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR)

Global Forecast System (GFS)

North American Model (NAM)


A blend of all the models above would be the best scenario to plan on which is why I would not focus your travel plans on 1″, versus a coating, or 2″, etc.; Just know that a two-hour period of heavy snow will fall this afternoon and untreated roadways will become slick.  The real problem is that 5 million commuters clog the roads (especially if they all leave at the same time) turning what should be a “low impact” event into a commuting nightmare.

What to Watch Next:

A line of snow showers is possible on Wednesday afternoon,  especially north of town as a secondary shot of arctic air races southeastward.

Near Record Lows Thursday morning between Zero and Ten degrees.

Chance of Snow Showers on Friday with some accumulation possible.

Warm up and sunshine for the Weekend!