Burst of Snow Likely Thursday Evening

Light snow showers will develop during the afternoon commute on Thursday with a burst of moderate snow likely during the evening hours The latest NAM model (image below, courtesy Weathermodels.com) currently indicates that the heavier burst of snow may move through the Metropolitan Region between 6pm and 10pm.  If this line of heavier snow moves through the metropolitan area earlier then the entire afternoon rush hour could be adversely impacted. 

Longer Range Forecast:

The latest suite of forecast models (ensembles and operational) have shifted the track of the weekend storm system a bit further south with each new run and if these trends continue the weekend forecast in D.C. could turn out more white or icy than wet.

The disturbances responsible for the evolution of the weekend storm system will not make landfall until late tomorrow, so the current forecast is certainly subject to change, as my favorite meteorologists Amelia Draper (News-4) and Mike Thomas (Fox-5) have been mentioning.