Sunday Afternoon Snowfall Accumulation Update

As our southern suburbs enjoy a snow-day, the northern edge of the snowfall is creeping ever so slowly northward and may even sneak right up to the route 29/50 corridor of northern Virginia with interstate 66 possibly ending up as the cut off zone between clouds and falling flakes as we head into the late afternoon hours.  I’m not expecting much across Fairfax County or DC, but a dusting is not out of the question if the snow can overcome some of the dry air at the surface bleeding in from New England.

Latest Simulated Radar Future-cast from the HRRR (High Resolution Rapid Refresh)

A closer look at Washington Metro:

Additional Snowfall Accumulation Potential:

Additional Snowfall Accumulation Potential (Washington Metro): 

– Very close call north of the Occoquan River today (something to watch).