Latest Forecast Models Continue to Show Florence Potentially Impacting the US East Coast

Hurricane Florence may directly impact US East coast late this week and the exact track will determine the wind and rainfall impacts here in the Washington Region.

High pressure is forecast to continue building north of Florence, preventing the storm from taking a sharp curve northward and out to sea.  A long-wave trough is expected to reach the Pacific Northwest and then dig into the Great Lakes late next weekend and could pick up the remnants of Florence but the exact timing of this is extremely uncertain.  All coastal areas from Savannah Georgia northward to the Mid-Atlantic should start preparing for possible impacts.

Outside of a direct hit on the DC Area my biggest concern would shift to threat of flooding given the wet Summer we have had.  Some models take Florence into the Carolina coast and then shift the remnants slowly northward into the DC Region.  A stalling tropical system could cause catastrophic flooding to our region if this scenario were actually to unfold.

To keep abreast of the latest on Florence scroll down on my home page and you can see the latest official forecast from the National Hurricane Center.