Some Snow Accumulation Likely NW of DC Sunday Night

A wave of low pressure will eject out of the Midwest Sunday afternoon, quickly moving east across the Mid-Atlantic states on Sunday night.  A period of rain and snow is likely on Sunday night with some snow accumulations likely on grassy surfaces north and west of downtown DC.

Animation from the latest run of the European Forecast Model:

Latest European EPS (Ensemble Prediction System, courtesy showing potential Snowfall Accumulation by Monday morning:

The latest operational run of the European forecast model (image below, courtesy can’t be discounted as the precipitation will be falling overnight when the high April sun angle will not be a factor.

The latest North American Model (NAM) is in relative agreement with the European Forecast Model (image below).

The NAM model typically has a cold bias in its algorithms so I’d subtract several inches from what you see.

Bottom Line: Snow haters from the Shenandoah Valley eastward into extreme northern Loudoun county and across northern Maryland… you may wake up to several inches of snow on Monday morning. Happy Spring!


One thought on “Some Snow Accumulation Likely NW of DC Sunday Night

  1. Hi Tim,
    As a fellow snow lover, I like you was extremely disappointed with the lack of snow this winter. However, it looks like we’ve had more snow this Spring in Darnestown than we did all last winter. Here’s hoping this is an good omen for next winter 🙂🙏!

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