Heavy Snow Ramping Up Across Metropolitan Washington

Heavy Snow is finally breaking out across the metropolitan Washington Area.  My favorite forecast model (the European) lowered its accumulation output during the overnight run. Regardless, Winter Storm Warning criteria (5″ or more) is likely across the Metropolitan area today with snow… heavy at times, continuing through the afternoon before tapering off and ending later this evening.

The images below show the short-range high-resolution rapid refresh (HRRR) American models for how today may play out. Heaviest snow is indicated by the darkest shades of blue (time stamp is located on top-right hand corner of image):

Here’s a wider view of the Northeast:

DC Metropolitan Area:

HRRR simulating additional snowfall accumulations through this evening:

Here’s my best guess at how much additional snow may accumulate through 8 PM this evening:

The next two images show how the more bullish European model lowered its snowfall accumulation potential overnight:

Tuesday 12Z (8AM EST) model output:

Tuesday 00Z (8PM EST) model output:

Total Storm Accumulation Snow Map that I posted yesterday:

We have about 11 more hours today to try to fill in the “snow hole” that has plagued the immediate Washington Area for the past two winters.  I will reserve any judgement for this map (that I posted yesterday afternoon) until the storm wraps up this evening.  I’m off to enjoy this glorious snow day! Be safe out there.




One thought on “Heavy Snow Ramping Up Across Metropolitan Washington

  1. Tim, thanks so much for the updates. I appreciate your insight and trust you more than some of the bigger outlets.

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