Models Trending Colder Today: Nasty PM Rush Hour N&W of DC; Updated Snow Map through 5 PM Today

The forecast models are trending a bit faster with the change over to snow and sleet this afternoon across the interstate 95 corridor Don’t be surprised to see Winter Weather Advisories extended south and east to cover more of the immediate Metropolitan Area for the afternoon hours given the 1″ at rush hour rule

Updated Snow Map for Accumulations of Snow and Sleet through 5PM today:

While the main roadways will likely be wet, your secondary neighborhood streets may begin to become slush covered as the sun begins to lower in the atmosphere as we approach the beginning of the afternoon commute.  Today is one of those days where if too many people try to leave DC at once, we are looking at an exceptionally nasty rush hour.

Latest European Model shows temperatures at 2 pm dropping into the lower 30s across the northern and western suburbs of Washington with the immediate 95 corridor (south of DC) remaining just above freezing.

Snowfall Potential by 2 pm:

Temperatures by evening 8 pm (image below) will have dropped to near or below the freezing mark across much of the region:

Snow will begin to accumulate across the remainder of the region around/after the afternoon rush hour:

(Image below shows potential snow accumulations by 8 pm Today):

Latest High-Resolution Future-Cast Radar for Washington Region:

Latest High-Resolution Future-Cast Radar for DC Metropolitan Area:


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