Don’t Fight the European Model: 100% Bullish, Crippling Storm Wednesday

It amazes me how many snowfall accumulation maps out there are low-balling this event.  Yes the March sun-angle is higher (but that won’t be an issue overnight).  Temperatures are already dropping to freezing and let’s not forget the ample amount of moisture and a screaming jet stream overhead tomorrow to provide ample lift. This storm means business!  I massaged my snowfall accumulation map a bit, based on the latest European Forecast model.  Without further ado, here it is:

For your entertainment, from the latest European Forecast Model (Judge for yourself):

Control Run: Bullish

All 50 Ensembles showing remarkable consistency (and very bullish):

The Mean of all 50 ensemble above:

Get the Snow Shovels and Sleds Ready! 

2 thoughts on “Don’t Fight the European Model: 100% Bullish, Crippling Storm Wednesday

  1. Roger that Boomerang. Thanks for the update… will look forward to seeing accumulation reports and pics from Northern Virginia wine country tomorrow afternoon. Cheers!

  2. Out in Western LC, the temp drop and heavy moisture is noticable… Thanks for the multiple reports and analysis … Nice to read stuff outside of mainstream news channels.

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