Over-Hyped Event for Immediate DC Metropolitan Area, Nasty Ice Storm for Some

The models continue to show a few pockets of freezing drizzle and sleet possible during the pre-dawn hours.  The mid-levels of the atmosphere are dry and given the short window for extremely light precipitation to fall, I am not overly convinced that much of anything in the immediate DC Area will even reach the ground. 

The current high-resolution models continue to advertise that the better forcing (upward lift to produce heavier precipitation) with this system will be well north and west of Metro DC during the morning hours.

The best chance for any significant ice accretion will be across northern Maryland (Carrol, Frederick, and Washington counties), extreme northwestern Virginia (Clarke, Frederick counties) the panhandle of West Virginia, and western Loudoun county in Northern Virginia.

Elsewhere, a very light glazing of ice is possible (if precipitation even reaches the ground before the warm air arrives).

Heavy Snow will impact northern Pennsylvania to Maine as the snow drought in Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York continues…

I hate La Nina Winters.

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