A Mix of Sleet & Freezing Rain will change to Much-Needed Rain Sunday Afternoon

A mix of sleet and freezing rain will develop around noon on Sunday.  Freezing rain and sleet will change over to rain during the mid to late afternoon hours before precipitation ends during the early evening.

Dew points are currently sitting in the single digits, indicative of a very dry air mass currently in place.  The dry air will aid in evaporational cooling of the atmosphere as precipitation begins falling from the base of the clouds and will likely prevent surface temperatures from quickly rising above freezing on Sunday afternoon.

Icy conditions are possible on untreated surfaces, mainly north and west of interstate 95.  Some of the more sheltered valleys along and east of the Blue Ridge could pick up one to two tenths of an inch of ice accretion (from freezing rain) and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Winter Weather Advisories issued by the National Weather Service for the northern and western suburbs of DC and Baltimore.

The rain is a blessing as DC and Baltimore are now in a Severe Drought.  Many locations along and east of interstate 95 may pick up a half-inch of rain from this system.

I do not see any indications of a major snowstorm now through the next 7 to 10 days. 

One thought on “A Mix of Sleet & Freezing Rain will change to Much-Needed Rain Sunday Afternoon

  1. from one college meteorologist to another – I always enjoy your models & breakdown. keep it up

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