Quick Coating of Snow Likely Predawn Tuesday

An arctic front will pass through the Washington Region between 4 and 7 AM Tuesday. Surface convergence along the front aided by a strong upper-level trough should provide enough lift for a line of snow showers.  The latest high-resolution models are currently suggesting that the front could produce a quick burst of moderate snow, with a coating to upwards of one inch potentially accumulating in a relatively short period of time (one to two hours).

Winter Weather Advisories may be issued by the National Weather Service for the morning commute (Tuesday).

Temperatures will be at or just below freezing during the event with snow-covered roadways possible.

Then all eyes turn to Thursday night and Friday when the next system may impact our region with rain and snow.  Details are way too murky this far out to even speculate. Let’s get through Tuesday morning first.

2 thoughts on “Quick Coating of Snow Likely Predawn Tuesday

  1. La Nina winters in general do not favor big snowstorms. I’m hopeful that as we head later into FEB and MAR, the jet stream will weaken a bit allowing for some cut off low pressure systems to deliver something. Still don’t see anything promising 10 days out. Pathetic I know.

  2. Hey Tim, thanks for the update. Now that its headin into February with still more rain (not snow) on the horizon, hope is beginning to fade for a ‘decent’ snow. Are there any climatic indicators that would at least suggest the possibility of favorable conditions for a measurable snow later this month?

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