Bust Alert: Coastal Low will Likely Rob Moisture from DC Area

Last night’s run of the Canadian and European had me hopeful for a solid one to two-inch snowfall across the Washington Area.  After looking at this evening’s latest runs of the models I suspect this system is going to be a massive bust, and a huge disappointment for snow-lovers across our area.

Two sets of images below are from the European Ensembles and paint the depressing, dismal scenario of the famous “Snow-hole” over D.C.

I am a believer in patterns and most if not all of our accumulating snows this year have fallen on Saturday. I would be surprised to see anyone in the immediate Metropolitan Area with snowfall amounts over a quarter of an inch (pathetic).  In fact, most of you will be lucky if you get a coating to scrape off your frozen car on Wednesday morning.

A cold front passing over the mountains do not favor much in the way of accumulating snow here in DC.  The coastal storm forming well offshore will rob much of the energy (and moisture) along the front.

Anyone else ready for Spring?


4 thoughts on “Bust Alert: Coastal Low will Likely Rob Moisture from DC Area

  1. Hi Kathy… let’s hope so. I am not a fan of La Nina Winters as the northern branch of the jet stream is very strong (not good for Mid-Atlantic snow storms). As we approach FEB/MAR, the polar jet will relax a bit and I hope that will do the trick. We shall see. Fingers crossed.

  2. You’ve got to be ki.ing me Tim! Not what I want at all! What do today’s models say? Hopefuly not the same ⠹⠬⠦

  3. Bummer! But we like your forecasts, so we’ll plan accordingly. Guess we’ll leave the snow blower in shed.. Thanks for the updates, and hey, the famous President Day’s snowstorms could be a possibility, right?

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