Latest Future Radar Simulation for Afternoon “Event”

It doesn’t take much snow around Washington when roadways are below freezing to cause commuting issues given the sheer volume of traffic during rush hour.  The latest High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) model shows light snow developing just after noon across the Baltimore Area with some pockets of light snow or flurries potentially impacting D.C. and maybe portions of Northern Virginia. 

This system is a fast mover and a conversational event.  If roadways are treated well, then we really shouldn’t have major issues in the DC and Baltimore Areas.  The Devil is always in the details with conversational events when temperatures are this cold, so I think out of an abundance of caution the National Weather Service issued Winter Weather Advisories.

5 thoughts on “Latest Future Radar Simulation for Afternoon “Event”

  1. Elizabeth

    DCStorms….where are you? You are my go to guy and you have been missing for weeks!!! PLEASE COME BACK!!!!

  2. Beth

    Tim, I am a bit worried about you. I thought the folks would be hearing from you by now in light of the frigid temperatures we have been having lately in the DC area. Are you Ok? Any news you can share with us will make my day.

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