Big Changes Coming Next Week

The first arctic blast of the season may impact much of the eastern half of the nation behind a very strong cold front and complex storm system poised to impact the Mid-Atlantic Tuesday into Wednesday of next week.

The North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO), Arctic Oscillation (AO) are both trending toward their negative phases (cold signal in the east) and the Pacific North American (PNA) Oscillation is trending toward its positive phase (favors a ridge building over the western United States).

A strong storm system may develop over the mid-south and spawn a coastal storm along the Mid-Atlantic coastline next week. Behind this potential set-up, very cold air may infiltrate the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic states and New England. Lake Effect Snow and mountain snow (West Virginia highlands) may also accompany this overall pattern change.

Stay tuned for updates as details become clearer regarding this potential storm system and pattern change.

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