Strong Thunderstorms Possible Thursday Afternoon

World War II Memorial, Washington, D.C. photo credit

Steady rain should begin to taper off during the Wednesday morning rush hour with some peaks of sun breaking through the clouds shortly after and continuing through the early to mid afternoon hours.

The image below (courtesy TropicalTidbits) shows tonight’s steady rain lifting northeast of the Washington Area Wednesday morning.

Warmer and more unstable air will begin to lift into the Mid-Atlantic during the afternoon and evening hours on Wednesday as the next disturbance approaches from the southwest.  Scattered showers and thunderstorms will break out during the late evening hours on Wednesday with periods of showers and thunderstorms continuing through the overnight hours.  There may be a break in the action on Thursday and any peaks of sunshine will further destabilize the atmosphere leading to the threat of strong thunderstorms Thursday afternoon and evening.  Some storms could contain gusty winds, torrential rain, hail and damaging wind gusts.

Friday will feature improving conditions as drier air begins infiltrating back into the Mid-Atlantic with mostly sunny skies. Memorial Day Weekend weather will cooperate  much of the time with thunderstorms possible Saturday afternoon and again on Sunday. Memorial Day itself looks nice with dry conditions.


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