“Parade of Nor’easters” Should Provide DC Area Drought Relief

Latest GFS (image below courtesy TropicalTidbits), European and Ensembles feature an unsettled pattern shaping up as we kick off early April

Today will be perfect with sunshine, mid 60s for highs and a breeze from the northwest.  Thursday will be a cooler with highs likely holding in the 50s as clouds increase ahead of our next storm system that will impact our area Thursday night through Friday with soaking rainfall.

After a beautiful weekend, the next storm system is forecast to become yet another Nor’easter on Tuesday bringing another chance of beneficial drought relief.

– Image below (Latest European Ensemble) shows coastal storm forming very near the mouth of the Delaware Bay Friday evening:

Same European Ensemble shows next storm system eventually becoming a Nor’easter (coastal storm) next Tuesday:

European Ensemble for potential precipitation accumulation for the next 7 days (through Wednesday April 5th):

Temperatures look to remain on the cooler side through the period allowing for the rain that we receive to really soak in (above normal temperatures would maximize evaporation).

If this southern-tracking/coastal storm develop pattern can hold through much of April the Washington Area has a good chance of making a substantial dent in our current drought conditions… great news for gardens, trees that have yet to bloom and not to mention our reservoirs, streams and ground water.

Have a great Wednesday! 


2 thoughts on ““Parade of Nor’easters” Should Provide DC Area Drought Relief

  1. Too bad it isn’t a month or so eariler, with all of these storms.

    My forecast for Monday about the marine layer being hard to displace was sure a bust! Maybe I was remembering back to the times when the water temperatures in early spring were not so warm.

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