DCstorms.com hits One Million visitors: Thank You!

In November of 2009 a good friend of mine suggested I produce a weather blog. She told me, “Tim, you’re passion for the weather needs an outlet”.  Six and a half years later I have taken a hobby (Meteorology) that I have always been fascinated with and thanks to you my website has grown a lot further than I had ever imagined.

What drives my passion for the weather?  It all started in central Florida when a rotating super cell approached Orlando on a hot summer day.  Nearly a half-foot of hail accumulated during that time and the storm caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage.  In parts of Metro Orlando, hail was reported as large as oranges.  Fast forward to today and while I still love a good thunderstorm, nothing fascinates me more than a classic Nor’easter (in case you didn’t already know).

“Vorticity” is the absolute best storm chasing video I have ever seen by Mike Olbinski , check it out… the music is synced up with the time-lapse loops (stunning production)!


Website Upgrades:

I recently upgraded my website (hosted by WordPress) that allows the content that I post to be viewed (proportionately) in smart phones and tablets. This upgrade was purchased by me several days ago.

Maintenance Fees:

DCstorms.com costs money to maintain. I have chosen not to allow ads because I don’t want a cluttered looking website. Since I pocket the expense, you can help me out by spreading the word of my website to everyone you know.   

Going Forward:

If you ever have a question about the weather for me, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

Again thank you for sharing my website with your friends, family and co-workers.  It is through our shared passion for Weather that makes me continue to want post weather updates on this site that focus in great detail on weather impacting the Washington D.C. region, which I have never been prouder to call my home for almost 21 years.




6 thoughts on “DCstorms.com hits One Million visitors: Thank You!

  1. Congratulations! Your site is the best, hands down. And the photography by Chris Fukuda is breathtaking. You are greatly appreciated by so many in DC.

  2. Just moved to DC in December and found your site when looking for signs of snow. I visit your site almost daily now because you not only give good forecasts but you break it down for us normal people. Thanks for keeping us all up to date!

  3. Congrats Tim and thank you for providing this service. It is good to see your site reaching a broader audience. While the snow didn’t accumulate much this winter, your page views are certainly piling up! XD

  4. Thanks for your hard work! I visit daily and as a 6th grade Science teacher in Loudoun, you teach me something new each day. We watched Vorticity last class. Very nice.

  5. I really enjoy your blog and thanks for giving me an outlet to comment on weather as well!

    I remember hearing about the Orlando hailstorm. People totally unused to frozen precipitation getting a half foot of hail must have been something!

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