“Wicked Cold” Wednesday Night May Damage Cherry Blossoms Again

After a nice warm up on Tuesday, the next early-Spring blast of arctic air will pay Washington a visit Wednesday night more than likely continuing to have adverse effects on whatever is left of the Cherry blossoms on the Tidal Basin. How low will the mercury go? 

The latest Global Forecast System (GFS) model (images, TropicalTidbits) shows an impressive 1038 mb surface High Pressure system dropping southward right across the D.C. Area overnight Wednesday producing ideal conditions for radiative cooling (clear skies and calm winds allows surface heat to escape rapidly into the mid-levels of the atmosphere during the overnight hours).

Temperatures will be running on average about 10 degrees Celsius below average (our average low this time of year in downtown Washington is in the upper 30s).

The latest European shows low temperatures dropping into the lower to middle 20s across our region:

Thankfully after Thursday a nice warm up is still in store for Saturday with southwesterly winds and temperatures still forecast to hit the lower to middle 70s!

The question in my mind is, what will be left to see on the Tidal Basin? I hope the temperatures in downtown Washington remain well above that critical 24 degree mark Thursday morning.




One thought on ““Wicked Cold” Wednesday Night May Damage Cherry Blossoms Again

  1. Despite Saturday’s expected warmth, if the temps get below 24, nobody will even attempt to go to the festival because there will be no blossoms! Get temps above 24, and the crowd will shoot up! This is one of the weirdest Cherry Blossom years I can remember!

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