Preliminary DC Area Snowfall Accumulation Forecast for March 14th Blockbuster Nor’easter

  • Heaviest Snow should fall overnight Monday through Tuesday morning with snowfall rates of 1 to 2″ per hour; thunder-snow is possible, widespread snow showers likely Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday as upper level trough crosses the region (additional snowfall accumulation possible).


  • Winds will gust well over 45 mph Tuesday through Wednesday with scattered power outages likely especially in areas near 32 degrees (heavy, wet, snow).


  • Tricky forecast remains for the interstate 95 corridor as amounts may be much higher if mixing with sleet and or rain doesn’t occur.


  • Stay tuned for updates this afternoon & evening.

4 thoughts on “Preliminary DC Area Snowfall Accumulation Forecast for March 14th Blockbuster Nor’easter

  1. Hi Judy, I have my fingers crossed that this storm tracks far enough to the east that Charles county can get into less sleet and more snow. Hopefully this will be ironed out tomorrow morning.

  2. I’m not going to argue with you, except the European and NAM model show mid-level warm air from the warm Chesapeake Bay waters causing sleet to cut down on accumulations along and east of 95. The track could indeed shift east tomorrow pulling the heavier snow right into interstate 95 (Canadian model). The GFS model includes both sleet and snow… so you have to read that model with a grain of salt.

  3. Thanks for all the great info Tim are you seeing any change in track of the storm maybe possibly a move to the east at all I only ask because I have snow removal contracts in Waldorf Maryland and Bowie Maryland I already have all of my equipment ready to go on the truck just waiting for a phone call hopefully what is your general idea of snow accumulation for the metro area and some parts of Southern Maryland I’m just hoping for a slight shift to the east to bring the heavier snow for everyone to enjoy I’ve been having my kids do the snow dance with me and tonight we will be putting ice cubes in the toilet bowls sleeping with spoons under our pillows and sleeping with Pajamas inside out hoping for snow and a lot of it LOL !!!!!

    thanks again

  4. i apologize for being knit picky, but if models are correct with the storm track, I would have the heaviest band of snow through the close in western suburbs and not west of Leesburg and Germantown. That is because the liquid precip totals start dropping off quite rapidly going west. You would be correct if the track wiggles a little left, but if it wiggles right, the heaviest could be from DC east.

    I think a good analog storm was in late February 1987. It was a fast mover and all fell overnight, but DCA still had over 10″. The suburbs (even eastern suburbs like Bowie) had up to 16″ of heavy, wet snow. That was a fun storm to watch, because it snowed very hard with large snowflakes. It is actually colder now than then, the afternoon high just prior to the storm was around 50 degrees. It briefly started as rain.

    There were a lot of power outages due to the wet snow. Also were lots of flashing lights late at night, could not tell if was thunder snow or arcing power lines.

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