Snowfall Accumulation Probability

The latest European Ensemble shows probability of 6″ or more of snowfall accumulation increasing 70 to 80% across the northern and western suburbs.

Current probability of 3″ or more has increased 70 to 100% across the northern and western suburbs

The upper-level disturbance responsible for inducing cyclogenesis will reach the Puget Sound tomorrow during the late-afternoon hours which means that the operational models we look at should have a better handle on where the surface low develops and its most likely track.

3 thoughts on “Snowfall Accumulation Probability

  1. If trend of most models hold, the 24 hour March snowfall record of 12.0″ could fall fairly easily. That was set in March 1891, very late in the month. The other two double digit March snowfalls for DC came in consecutive years, 10.6″ on March 7, 1941 and 11.5″ on March 29, 1942.

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