Drought Upgraded to “Severe” across Washington Metropolitan Area


While some have been “praising the mild dry January and February” we are heading into an awful set-up for Spring. The absence of moisture from tropical systems last fall and absence of any significant snowfall during the winter has created a precipitation deficit of 6 to 9″ across the immediate Washington Area. We could use a Nor’easter to bring drenching rains or heavy wet snow to make up for the deficits.

A closer look at Maryland’s current drought monitor (images courtesy NOAA):


Latest Virginia Drought Monitor:


The next cold front will bring showers and maybe some embedded thunderstorms to the area Tuesday but unfortunately this will only add a “drop in the bucket” to the horrible drought conditions that we are currently facing here in the Northeast corridor. 


Here is the latest GEFS (GFS Ensemble) showing potential precipitation amounts with the next cold front (not good):

  • Notice the much lighter colors from Charlottesville through Washington and northeastward into Philly, NYC and Boston.



One thought on “Drought Upgraded to “Severe” across Washington Metropolitan Area

  1. The end of April always seems to bring us very wet weather, so we still have a shot to get some serious rain. And if a stoearm forms next week that could do something. The growing season may not get started as early as I thought!

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