Preliminary Snow Map for Clipper

A clipper will track across the Mid-Atlantic Friday morning likely bringing a period of moderate snow. The exact track will be key to how much can accumulate in the Washington Region on Friday.

  • Based on the latest high-resolution forecast model below, snow showers or a period of moderate, accumulating snow could develop pre-dawn in the mountains and move into the DC Area during the morning rush hour.  Scattered Snow Squalls are possible Friday afternoon with gusty winds and bitterly cold wind chills. 


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March Roars in like a Lion: Widespread Severe Thunderstorms Today; Snow Showers & Squalls Friday

Main threats with today’s storms (opinions are mine):

High Winds (80% chance of widespread damaging winds with initial squall line)
Hail (60% chance of individual super cells containing nickel to ping-pong sized hail)
Tornadoes (40% chance of a Tornado within any rotating super cell that develops)


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