Bust from DC to Philly; Sct’d PM Snow Showers Likely; Watching February 16th – 20th Closely!

I’m under the impression that even the members of our local media desperately wants a snow storm, not for hype or ratings but because their kids are dying for just one day where they can go out on sleds and build a snowman. The warm air won out even across Philadelphia where Winter Storm Warnings were issued for up to 5″+ of snow and are likely to be shaved to advisories (still sleeting in Philly as of 6:30 this morning)… even in downtown Philly I don’t think 4″ looks all that reasonable. What a bummer.  So we aren’t the only ones in the Northeast Megalopolis that are in a snow drought. Too many people always say “It never snows in DC”. Well it does snow in DC (hint: last January)… we just don’t typically get a crippling snow storm every single winter (for that you have to move to Canada or live near the Great Lakes). 

Watch the models flop back and forth with snowfall for this system between DC and Philadelphia:

  • The GFS trend image below is simply showing the same forecast for snow amounts by 7am this morning during the past 10 or so runs (spanning back February 6th through 8th)


The Canadian model below also teased us here in the DC Area to only bump much further north in later runs (same scenario for the 95 corridor in Philadelphia… some hopes up there are dashed this morning as well). Kudos to the National Weather Service in Sterling… you folks didn’t buy into it. Praise and admiration is well deserved for you! 

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