Scattered Snow Showers and Squalls Likely Today

We did it D.C. … we managed a general inch of snow across the immediate Metro Area.  Crazier things have happened! Several trained National weather service spotters have already reported 1.8″ of snow in southern Stafford county.  I am sure that as more reports come in across southern Maryland, we will see some widespread totals of 2″ with maybe close to 3″ on the eastern shore and in lower Delaware.

Here is the latest High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) future-cast radar through 8pm today (courtesy  These models update every hour but the image below will give you a general sense of the scattered nature of the snow showers or squalls that will keep today feeling like winter. 


Snow showers and embedded snow squalls are likely today as several disturbances traverse through the upper level trough situated over the Mid-Atlantic today. It will be breezy with winds gusting to 30 mph, especially in some of the snow showers or squalls.  Don’t be surprised if some of the snow showers briefly whiten the ground. 

I am going to end this post with several URLs and encourage folks that haven’t already seen Chris Fukuda’s amazing photography to do so. Chris calls himself an “aspiring” photographer and I think after you check out his images you will realize that it’s time for an agent to contact him with a job offer as clearly he is clearly a professional photographer:  Click here to see his website and here to see his featured DC sunrise photographs which you can order. 

Have a fantastic Monday… every Monday in Winter should feature a winter wonderland… enjoy.

One thought on “Scattered Snow Showers and Squalls Likely Today

  1. Hey Tim,
    We had a about 2 inches in King George. Roads were clear. The snow stuck to everything, made for a pretty drive into work this morning.

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