When will the Snow Drought end in the Washington DC Area?

I am getting many comments from folks who are in the snow-removal business who are asking me when is it going to snow? I am as frustrated as probably half of the Washington Area who would love to see a measurable, significant snowfall across our region. ¬†As you can see from the chart below, the frequency of crippling winter snow storms here in the Nation’s Capital during the last decade has on average occurred every five to six years.

Storms I remember:

January of 1996, January of 2000, February of 2003, February of 2006, December 2009, February 2010, January of 2016


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Wet Snow Possible this Evening Across Northwestern Suburbs


The image above shows the latest HRRR (High Resolution Rapid Refresh) model showing the future-cast radar through 9AM Tuesday.

Some of the mountain snow that occurred may rotate back southeastward into Washington’s northwestern suburbs.

Temperatures are likely too warm for anything more than a slushy dusting on grassy surfaces but some of the higher elevations along the Blue Ridge could see some slick spots as temperatures drop into the lower 30s.

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