Wintry Mix likely across the DC Area on Saturday

High temperatures will soar into the middle 60s on Thursday, however the latest forecast models are in agreement that a wintry mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain is likely on Saturday.

The image below shows the latest GFS model between 1am Saturday and 1pm Sunday


The latest North American Model (NAM) is also showing snow, sleet and freezing rain on Saturday:


Details that need to be ironed out:

  • Does the precipitation begin as snow as early as Friday evening or does it hold off until Saturday morning? How much snow (if any) will accumulate before the change over to sleet and freezing rain? 


  • How long will freezing rain linger during the event? Will temperatures creep up just above freezing on Saturday afternoon? Will the better lift in the atmosphere move just north of the DC Area allowing for a lull in the precipitation on Saturday afternoon and evening?


The latest European Forecast Model (image below) shows potential ice accretion (accumulation) from Freezing Rain through 7am Monday. 


I’ll post more updates as the details become clearer over the next 36 hours.


One thought on “Wintry Mix likely across the DC Area on Saturday

  1. The unusual aspect of this “wintry mix” situation is that the cold high pressure system to our north never moves off the coast to set up a return flow that rapidly warms the eastern suburbs, while the western suburbs warm much more slowly.

    Assuming it is below freezing when the precipitation starts, it is going to be unusually slow to warm up to above freezing, even in places like Waldorf and Annapolis.

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