After almost an inch of Snow (in DC) … Into the Ice Box we Go


National Capital, DC,Netherlands Carillon

After a dusting to one inch of snow in and around the Capital Beltway (image above courtesy National Park Service), we are likely headed into the single digits across much of the region tonight.

The image below shows preliminary storm total (snowfall in inches) reports from the public or trained weather spotters (courtesy National Weather Service):


The latest HRRR shows temperatures bottoming out in the single digits and possibly the lower single digits in spots, especially where there is snow on the ground. 


Highs on Sunday will not make it out of the lower to middle 20s with bitterly cold wind chills ranging from the single digits below zero to near 10 above.

As the winds die down Sunday night temperatures will likely plunge to near zero where there is snow pack as clear skies and calm winds set up perfect conditions for radiation cooling.

For those of you who want a January Thaw, you will get your wish this week:

The top graph shows high temperatures rising into the 50s Wednesday and Thursday with highs on Friday possibly reaching 60 degrees!


Regarding my bust of a forecast of 2 to 4″ in D.C., it was a very tricky forecast with dry air fighting some of the initial accumulation potential.  I’m hopeful that we will have at least one or two good snow storms before mid-March.  In the mean time stay warm and enjoy the mild weather coming later this week.

2 thoughts on “After almost an inch of Snow (in DC) … Into the Ice Box we Go

  1. Yes, extremely difficult forecast. Snow took forever to get started. At least it was not a historic bust, like for places like Raleigh where 20″ were expected. What a letdown for whatever snow lovers there are down there!

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