Watching Potential Snow Event Late Next Week

The medium range forecast models are showing a storm system moving out of the southern Plains into the Deep South and then possibly off of the Mid-Atlantic coastline late next week.  The European and American Ensemble models are in a general agreement in some Gulf and or Atlantic moisture getting tapped into this storm system while cold air gets drawn southward out of New England.

It is way too early to even focus on any details but I wanted to bring it to your attention that those of you longing for some snow on the ground (myself included) may just get our wish late next week into next weekend (January 7th – 9th time frame).

Latest European Control Model:


European Ensembles:



Latest GFS Control:


Wishing Everyone a Safe and Happy New Year!

One thought on “Watching Potential Snow Event Late Next Week

  1. First legit threat finally showing up! I like this as not only do we have some cold air at the start but also some cold air behind it. Good sign.

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