Friday Update on the Freezing Drizzle/Rain “Storm”


Here is my last post on this “event” as I am going to be traveling for the Holidays.  I will stay in touch with any thoughts on potential storms through Twitter and of course if something looks promising i’ll be sure to post on my site.

The image above (from the High-Resolution NAM) shows the whiplash of a weekend that is in store for our region.

  • Most locations will pick up a few hundredths of an inch of “glaze” overnight tonight with northern Maryland continuing to look like the hot spot with better lift and heavier amounts of Freezing Rain tonight (Those of you along the interstate 70 corridor northward to the PA border could potentially see 1/4″ of ice)

The next time frame to watch for SNOW will be Thursday through Friday as a storm system may try to sneak up the coast.

For those of you traveling be safe and Happy Holidays to all!

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