Thursday’s Highs Won’t get out of the Lower 20s in the Northern and Western Suburbs

Three Words for Thursday:  Cold Air Advection

  • Temperatures won’t move much with CAA (Cold Air Advection) being the driving force with gusty northwest winds.
  • Temperatures in the mid-levels of the atmosphere will be well below zero as atmospheric heights (the thickness of the atmosphere) compresses (less atmosphere above you = colder conditions).

Look at Dulles Airport for example according to the latest European Model:  22 degrees at 7am Thursday


1pm Thursday:  Dulles still sitting at 22 degrees! 


7pm Thursday:  It’s already in the teens! 


The winds on Thursday night will keep temperatures from falling into the single digits as the “friction” caused by the wind, also called “mixing” prevents much in the way of radiation cooling that you get on a calm night.

However the wind chills will speak for themselves! Still I expect widespread lower to middle teens across the Washington Region.

National Airport might hold around 18 (what a pathetic place to measure the weather with air planes taking off and landing on a warm body of water outside of the District) I agree with Eleanor Holmes Norton, its time to start recording weather in Downtown Washington and not on the banks of the warm Potomac.) We might as well record snow and temperatures behind a running automobile’s tail pipe.  #Ingenious 


I digress.. It’s going to be Wicked Cold Thursday.  I heard a local weather man (not Doug K… I like him) say that highs on Thursday would be 30 degrees.  I almost spilled my coffee on my lap.

One thought on “Thursday’s Highs Won’t get out of the Lower 20s in the Northern and Western Suburbs

  1. It’s colder outside of DC rather than inside. About 10 degrees difference. I agree with you and I know there is a lot of contraversy. The weather reports I’ve listened to from NBCBLED on WTOP say we will not get out of the 20s, but they didn’t say around 20.

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