Snow, Sleet and Freezing Rain Still Looking Likely Friday Night & Saturday


The image above shows the latest Global Forecast System (GFS) model valid 1am Saturday (Friday evening) through 7pm Saturday.

  • If this verifies some light to moderate snow would likely accumulate several inches before a change over to sleet and Freezing Rain


  • The question then becomes, how long does the surface cold air remain trapped on Saturday? How quickly do we change over to rain?


Next image is also from the GFS showing Saturday evening through Monday 1pm


The main takeaway is that the southeastern ridge of high pressure may remain pretty strong which could play to our advantage the week before Christmas as moisture tries to continually stream northeastward out of the Gulf into lingering cold air across the Mid-Atlantic states.  We could have bouts of wintry precipitation throughout portions of the work week.

Updates to come as consensus builds…

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