First Flakes May Accumulate on Wednesday Across DC Area

A wave of low pressure may develop along an arctic front that will be sliding through the Metro Region on Wednesday afternoon.

While it is too soon to know for sure how strong this system will be and how quickly it moves, some forecast models drop between a trace and 3″ of snow on our area during the day on Wednesday through the late evening hours.

Latest Canadian Forecast Model:


Latest Global Forecast System Model (GFS):


The Ensembles of the GFS 

  • Some show no accumulation while others show very little (jury is still out)


The European Forecast Model:

  • The image below is just showing precipitation amounts (basically showing up to a tenth of an inch of liquid… which depending upon temperatures and snow to liquid ratios could drop between a dusting and 3″)



Again, this is still 4 days out, so while there are no guarantees, this may be the first shot at seeing some widespread snow showers across our region this Winter Season.


2 thoughts on “First Flakes May Accumulate on Wednesday Across DC Area

  1. It looks as though you are correct, as Wednesday’s system has disappeared from the models. However, we will probably know for sure after tomorrow’s system pulls away.

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