Temperature Roller Coaster this week, Possible Weekend Nor’easter?

Finally a welcomed hard freeze tonight to kill off the mold spores and ragweed that has been causing allergies to fester through the prolonged Indian Summer weather of late.

The week ahead will start out chilly and should moderate slowly through the work week with the potential for big changes during the upcoming weekend.  The European and Global Forecast System Ensemble 500mb pattern shows the potential for a deepening trough to spawn a coastal low pressure system somewhere in the Mid-Atlantic next weekend.

GEFS  (Global Ensemble Forecast System):


European Ensemble:


Temperature Anomalies (departure from average) through Thanksgiving:


To recap:

  • Clouds and some spotty showers are possible on Monday with temperatures likely holding in the 40s and 50s (after another cold morning with temperatures in the 30s).


  • A gradual moderation of temperatures is expected Tuesday through Friday.


  • Watching the Mid-Atlantic coastline next weekend for the potential of an east coast storm that could deliver some rain and mountain snow.


  • Temperatures could remain chilly through Thanksgiving across the eastern third of the nation.

One thought on “Temperature Roller Coaster this week, Possible Weekend Nor’easter?

  1. We really could use some rain if a trough would spawn a coastal storm! Is the NAO going negative? This looks like a setup you would see inthe wintertime!

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