Thursday Morning Update on Dangerous #Hurricane Matthew



The images above show the current Infrared Satellite and latest track from the National Hurricane Center (courtesy NOAA).

  • I have many friends and family in the state of Florida and my prayers and thoughts are with them today.  Matthew will unfortunately be a devastating storm for much of the eastern coastline especially from where it makes landfall northward toward Daytona and Jacksonville’s beaches.  Of course the devil is always in the details as to exactly where Matthew makes landfall and where he exits on Florida’s coast before curving back out to sea. Remember that any wobble or shift of even 10 to 15 miles will have a huge impact on winds and storm surge in any one location.


  • Locations north and east of the eye wall along the immediate coastline will have to deal with significant storm surge and category 3 or possibly 4 (depending upon if he strengthens before landfall) winds.  Brevard County and the Space Coast (Kennedy Space Center, Cocoa Beach, Titusville, etc.) may end up facing the most devastating storm surge due to the orientation of the land there.  


HRRR (High Resolution Rapid Refresh) Model: Showing the future radar from now through about 8PM this evening. (image courtesy


Latests High Resolution Hurricane Models:  

  • Notice how one model takes Matthew more inland than the other.  As I said, the exact track is key to conditions in any one area as any shift further out to sea or further inland would have significant impacts on what can be expected in any one location.




Latest Euro shows Matthew making landfall very near Jupiter, Florida.  Of course this is subject to change so please pay close attention to the National Hurricane Center and if you haven’t obeyed local evacuation orders yet… please do so.  




Potential Maximum Peak Wind Gusts in knots (images from the European forecast model):



European Rainfall Forecast:


You can make donations to the American Red Cross to help those that have been or will be affected by this devastating storm.




2 thoughts on “Thursday Morning Update on Dangerous #Hurricane Matthew

  1. The long major hurricane drought makes people forget how frequent hurricanes in the Florida peninsula used to be. For example they had major hurricanes in 1944, 1945, 1947, 1949 and 1950. Nevertheless, the climate change crowd will certainly be all over this unfortunate event like a wolf after a piece of red meat. Especially with the election coming soon and FL being such a key state.

    A hurricane during hurricane season. Who ever could imagine that!

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