Thursday 6PM Update on #Hurricane Matthew


  • As Hurricane Matthew approaches the east-central coastline of Florida, the eye wall over the past several hours has shown some signs of potential strengthening as the convection around the center of circulation is becoming a bit more symmetrical.  The shallow, warm waters of the Gulf Stream will just add more fuel for Matthew to either hold its own or strengthen more.  


  • At this point folks from Brevard county northward to the beaches of northern Florida (Daytona, St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville, Neptune, Atlantic) on north to the Georgia coastline are in for a devastating storm surge and wind gusts easily over 120 mph. This is a dangerous Category 4 Hurricane and all last-minute preparations should be finished or rushed to completion!


The 5PM update from the National Hurricane Center takes the eye wall very close to Titusville and then the storm looks to parallel the coastline (worst case scenario) for my friends and family in the Jacksonville Area beaches! 

At this point I am fearing a catastrophic storm surge and wind damage.  The right-front quadrant of this storm will produce tornadoes.  I hope folks have heeded the mandatory evacuations and have gotten into sturdy (cement cinder block) buildings with basements well away from the coastline or inter-coastal waterway!

Latest North American Model (NAM) showing the future-cast simulated radar:


Sustained Winds (in Knots):


Torrential Rainfall with well over a foot of rain in spots:




One thought on “Thursday 6PM Update on #Hurricane Matthew

  1. I just looked at the Miami radar and get a totally different impression. The eye is expanding and there is not even a solid eye wall. I know what storms like Hugo and Andrew looked like on radar and unless the radar is completely deceiving me, this is no Hugo or Andrew. Like so many hurricanes in the past, Matthew will probably not live up to its hype.

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