Wednesday Update: Models Beginning to Latch onto European Solution… Good News for Most!


The fall-like weather continues today with a mix of sunshine and clouds and highs near 70 degrees! Enjoy.

Last nights models have begun to “latch on” to the European forecast ensembles which I mentioned yesterday evening were beginning to show a solution where Matthew might get “Left Behind” once it nears the GA and Carolina coastline and loop back to the east and then south sparring the Mid-Atlantic and New England.

The 5am updated track from the National Hurricane Center agrees with the European forecast model’s solution:


Here’s the latest European Ensembles (Great News for the Carolinas, Mid-Atlantic and New England):


Global Ensemble Forecast System (GEFS) model also shows the “loop”:


Latest High Resolution Hurricane Models:


Notice how the latest high resolution models have shifted a bit east in track, possibly sparring South Florida from a direct landfall.

Enjoy the weather today… let’s hope that the trends in the models continue as I don’t wish a category 3 Hurricane strike on anyone.  Once Matthew loops around, I’m hoping that the next cold front will pick it up and swing it back out to sea.



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