Wednesday Evening Update on Dangerous #Hurricane Matthew


The image above is the latest (5PM Tuesday) official forecast track from the National Hurricane Center.


GFS High Resolution Operational- I’m very concerned for Florida’s Space Coast as I expect a major storm surge there due to the orientation of Brevard county. Notice the GFS is on board with the European model in looping Matthew back to the south and possibly re-crossing the state of Florida early next week. 


European Ensembles:


GEFS (GFS Ensembles) –


High Resolution European forecast model showing wind gusts in knots (images courtesy

Thursday 7PM- 


Friday 1AM- 


Friday 7AM –


Friday 1 PM- 


Friday 7PM –


Saturday 7AM –ecmwf_uv10g_florida_13_Saturday_7AM.png

Saturday 1PM – 


Saturday 7PM – 


NOAA (latest probability for seeing Tropical Storm force winds): 


Here in Washington we have dodged a bullet. 

You can donate to the American Red Cross to help those unfortunate souls that have been or will be impacted by this devastating, powerful, Hurricane.






2 thoughts on “Wednesday Evening Update on Dangerous #Hurricane Matthew

  1. Thank you, Tim, for the very detailed information on Hurricane Matthew! Your site provides an astounding wealth of information to all of us here in the DC Metro community. Very much appreciated. Evan

  2. Track and time of year is similar to Hurricane King during October 1950. King hit south Florida as a major hurricane (125 mph sustained winds) and brought wind gusts of 82 mph all the way up to Jacksonville.

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