Gorgeous Work Week Ahead in Store for The Nation’s Capital!

The image below (courtesy TropicalTidbits.com) show’s the North American Model (NAM) predicting cloud cover over the next 60 hours.  As you can see, skies should remain partly to mostly sunny through at least Tuesday with an increase in clouds possible on Wednesday.


The much-needed rainfall that we received over the past several days should really help out the foliage (we hope) in what has been an unrelenting hot Summer with an extended period of very dry conditions.


Highs through Wednesday will remain in the lower to middle 70s with lows dipping into the mid to upper 50s. Enjoy! 

One thought on “Gorgeous Work Week Ahead in Store for The Nation’s Capital!

  1. Tim, I really enjoy getting your frequent posts regarding the weather. Thank you!!! Continue sending your posts! I look forward to hearing about your winter predictions when you are reading to share them with us. 🙂

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