Nor’easter May Bring Beneficial Rain to the Mid-Atlantic mid to late week!


Image above (courtesy shows the 500mb (upper level pattern) from Wednesday afternoon through Friday. An upper level trough may close off  across the Ohio Valley spawning cyclogenesis (coastal low pressure) development off of the Virginia coastline.  This possible Nor’easter could slowly move northeast bringing widespread beneficial rain to areas that have been so dry!

Global Ensemble Forecast System (GEFS) is also showing pretty good agreement of surface low pressure system forming (little red numbers represent various placements of low pressure formation and track through time).


The image below also shows that the European Ensemble is in agreement! Good news for those of us who want drought relief and pretty fall foliage.


And for those of you who are sick of the weeks of sunshine and hot weather (including your gardens) the image below shows that this week should progressively get colder if indeed we have steady rain falling. Highs may not get out of the 50s or 60s if this Nor’easter materializes! The image below shows cooler than average temperatures Thursday through Saturday for the Mid-Atlantic and southeast.



2 thoughts on “Nor’easter May Bring Beneficial Rain to the Mid-Atlantic mid to late week!

  1. The upper level trough provides cold air aloft and lift. The surface low pressure system (which may eventually turn into a Nor’easter) will develop on the right-front quadrant of the trough. This is a good set up for some beneficial rainfall. And yes, Nor’easters are mid-latitude cyclones (at the surface), and can develop in the spring or fall. If this were winter we’d be talking about snow.

  2. It’s like a snowstorm sitting off our coast although it’s too warm! Wouldn’t the trough rob the energy from the developing Nor-easter shutting off the rain or is this a different situation?

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