Get through this week… Autumn Chill is headed for Washington!


Gorgeous pink sunset over Washington on 9/20/2016 as seen from the Netherlands Carillon in Arlington, Virginia  (image courtesy National Park Service)

I am getting comments from people who are sick and tired of this muggy weather and are asking me when is it going to cool down? 


The image above (courtesy shows a very chilly air mass heading our way early next week after a strong area of high pressure builds in over northern New England.

Low humidity, highs near 70 and lows dipping into the 40s (in our suburbs) and 50s downtown are possible early next week if the Global Ensemble Forecast System (GEFS) model above is correct. 

Unfortunately I don’t see any signs of some more much-needed rainfall at least through the middle to latter part of next week.  Unless a tropical system can get shunted into our area, the likelihood of getting widespread heavy rainfall is fairly low (outside of a coastal storm or tropical system).


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