Update on Coming Weekend Arctic Blast and Potential Snow Event

The latest forecast models continue to advertise the potential for light snow to fall across the Washington Region on Saturday.

The following images are courtesy Tropicaltidbits.com

Highs on Saturday may shatter records for April:


Latest Global Forecast System (GFS) model slides a clipper across the DC Metro touching off snow showers:

Saturday at 7AM (Snow falling in blue)


Saturday at 1PM: (Snow continues to fall in blue)


Saturday 7PM: (Snow sliding off to our east)


This is one operational run… and a lot goes against snow accumulations in April (high sun angle, marginal temperatures, etc.)… The main point to drive home is that there may be a conversational snowfall on Saturday.

More importantly, take a look at how low the mercury may go this upcoming weekend:

Low temperatures on Sunday:  BRRRR! Lower 20s with 10s in the mountains!


High temperatures on Sunday — With sunshine temperatures should moderate a bit into the upper 30s to near 40 degrees!


If you planted sensitive plants on March 6th … you know who to blame for your “losses”.  The “Experts” at Capital Weather Gang –




2 thoughts on “Update on Coming Weekend Arctic Blast and Potential Snow Event

  1. While is probably will snow here, maybe for several hours, getting it to stick and accumulate this late in the season is problematical. Maybe an inch or so on grass in shaded areas?

  2. LOL I saw a comment on CWG’s facebook page where someone tied this to climate change. HAHA! Avg last frost date hasn’t even arrived yet.

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