Winter to Return with a Vengeance: Damaging Winds, Sub-Freezing Temperatures & Maybe Even Some Snow

The next two weeks will feature plenty of winter weather here in the Mid-Atlantic with bitterly cold temperatures, hard freezes, and even the potential for accumulating snow.

The image below shows the latest Global Forecast System (GFS) Snowfall forecast through noon on Saturday April 9th … yes for those of you wondering *if* we will see some snow in April… stranger things have happened. The latest GFS (image courtesy has a clipper diving well south of DC next weekend (something to watch).

Short Term:

This weekend will be a roller coaster ride with a little bit of everything:

  • Steady light rain will fall on Saturday during the morning hours, possibly lingering through the mid-afternoon especially south  and east of D.C.


  • A strong April Arctic Front will blast through the Metro Area overnight on Saturday accompanied by the potential for damaging wind gusts and a rapid fall in temperatures.


  • Strong Winds will be the story on Sunday with wind gusts potentially reaching 50 to 60 mph (hence the High Wind Watch that was issued by the National Weather Service)

For those of you who want to start planting sensitive vegetation… please hold off until after April 15th. Here is a look at potential low temperatures for the week ahead:

Tuesday morning lows (according to the latest GFS): Low to mid 20s possible?


Wednesday morning lows (according to the latest GFS): Middle to upper 20s possible?


The Latest GFS shows a clipper diving south of DC next weekend (April 9th -10th) dropping some accumulating snow across our area … stranger things have happened… something to watch especially for the folks at Capital Weather Gang who officially called “the end of winter” back in early March. 

So as you freeze your behind off and possibly see some wet snow mixing in with the rain on Tuesday morning or we end up getting some accumulating snow somewhere in our region… remember… winter was declared “over” on March 6th!

gfs_mslp_pcpn_frzn_neus_30 gfs_mslp_pcpn_frzn_neus_31 gfs_mslp_pcpn_frzn_neus_32

3 thoughts on “Winter to Return with a Vengeance: Damaging Winds, Sub-Freezing Temperatures & Maybe Even Some Snow

  1. What month is it April or February?
    The growing season seems to have already begun. I wouldn’t be surprised if freeze watches and warnings were re-issued tomorrow and Tuesday. Snow in April is something I’ve n”ever seen before. El Nino is toying with us! Have already started mowing my lawn! Any new updates on the clipper dropping down?

  2. I admire your courage, as most weather people are terrified to mention the “s” word in April!

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