“Winter Is Over?” — The Euro Certainly Disagrees and its latest Run Should Have Some People Sweating

The 12z operational run of the Euro (that came out this morning) would argue that the groundhog and some of our local meteorologists may be rescinding their “Winter is Over” statements … or at least sweating over the next few days hoping that the potential for some late March fun becomes a bust.  We shall see…  take a look for yourself –

Latest European Operational Forecast Model for the BOS-WASH corridor:

Washington & Baltimore –


Philly & New York –


New England –


Let’s look at the Ensembles for the DC Region:

So as you can see, no promises can be made for a snow event at least across the immediate Metropolitan Area… (based on the current ensembles below).  After all, the storm could drop snow on our mountains with a rain snow mix or a mix over to snow with little fanfare… but some of the ensembles (e-49 is raising my eyebrows) dump snow on DC while others have no accumulation to several inches.

eps_snow_50_washdc_55 eps_snow_25_washdc_33

Latest Operational European Model:

ecmwf_slp_precip_ma_27 ecmwf_slp_precip_ma_28 ecmwf_slp_precip_ma_29

“Winter is Over”?   We shall see.  Stay tuned for updates… this is the Mid-Atlantic region of the Northeast for crying out loud.  The Northeast folks make up two separate regions:  The Mid-Atlantic States and New England. We have wild swings of weather here in the Nation’s Capital through mid April. 

In the 20 years I have lived in Washington and watched the month of March and even early April… I have seen 10″ of heavy wet snow and have seen snow covering cherry blossoms in early April.   Again, I’m not promising a snow storm for DC this coming weekend… but I didn’t believe we were done with Winter weather (cold air included) either.  Stay tuned for updates! This will be a VERY INTERESTING weekend indeed!

2 thoughts on ““Winter Is Over?” — The Euro Certainly Disagrees and its latest Run Should Have Some People Sweating

  1. I love snow but I’m going on a vacation that involves a lot of driving. Would rather see sunshine than any precipitation!

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