Final Snow Map for Tonight’s Snow Event

Check out the absolutely stunning sunrise this morning here in the Nation’s Capital! Just spectacular to see the gorgeous marble monuments glistening off of the deep reds and oranges! (image courtesy National Park Service from their camera at the Netherlands Carilon in Arlington VA:

National Park Service Webcam Image
National Capital, DC,Netherlands Carillon

Generally speaking I think that 1 to 2 inches of snow is likely across the immediate Metropolitan Area (3 inches more likely along interstate 95) with 3 to 4″ across southern Maryland and north-central Virginia. 5″ totals could be found across the Northern Neck of Virginia, lower-southern Maryland and central Virginia.

*The European Forecast model did not come any further northward in track overnight* – Final snow map posted:


  • A rain-snow mix should begin this evening between 7 and 10 PM, quickly changing over to snow as temperatures fall towards the dew points (we do have some dry air in place which bodes well for temperatures dropping as evaporational-cooling initially takes place and the atmosphere moistens).


  • Snow should begin to taper off Friday morning around 10AM with widespread delays and some closings.


  • Temperatures will drop tonight into the lower 30s and roads that are untreated will become snow-covered.


Latest Operational Models (courtesy Weatherbell):

GFS Model –


European Model –


Canadian Model-



3 thoughts on “Final Snow Map for Tonight’s Snow Event

  1. Great forecast as always Tim! You even got the Historic Blizzard forecast right. You called for 24-36″ for my area which is in Harford County, MD and we got about 30 inches! Great job Tim! Thanks for helping to keep us informed and safe!

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